Athlete Survey

Anna RobertsonProject 2020

Gymnastics NZ is conducting an athlete survey as part of the Project 2020 – Athlete Wellbeing project (from the Club Support Plan). We are interested in hearing from competitive athletes in a short online survey. The survey is completely confidential and we encourage all athletes to think deeply about their answers so that they add real value. It is extremely … Read More

Project 2020 Update – June 2019

Anna RobertsonClubland Newsletter, Project 2020

As you will hopefully be aware, the transition towards 2020 and the changes that this entails is broken into a series of projects covering a wide range of aspects. These are covered in the Club Support Plan that was released last year – definitely worth a read if you haven’t had a chance yet. Below is a summary of progress … Read More

Project 2020 update – March 2019

Anna RobertsonProject 2020

Please find here the latest Project 2020 update. This document mirrors the report sent to the GNZ Board ahead of each Board meeting. You will see that there is a monthly update on the projects that are underway, this is only dated back to November when these reports were introduced to the Board papers. There is also a ‘Key tasks … Read More

Project 2020 – Nationals Date Change

Anna RobertsonClubland Newsletter, Project 2020

Following on from the announcement in February that the New Zealand Gymnastics Championships will be moved to the July school holidays in 2020, a team have been working on the project plan for the change which was released to the community at the end of May. The process has been aptly named ‘Project 2020.’ This plan provides clarity for clubs … Read More

Proposed Date Change to Calendar of Events

Anna RobertsonMember Updates, Project 2020

A date change to the national calendar of events has been proposed and surveyed.  This white paper has been compiled to ensure transparency within our community and covers the following information: Outline of the process Summary of community feedback Addressing concerns Next steps   If you have not yet seen this information, we welcome all members to have a read … Read More