Technical Committees

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Our technical committees play an important role in supporting the growth and development of our codes and programmes, and they provide technical advice, guidance, direction, leadership, and action in collaboration with Gymnastics NZ, for the benefit of the community.

Current Technical Committees

Women’s Artistic

  • Nyssa Willcocks – Chair
  • Michelle Woolf –  Judging Advisor
  • Ange Meier – Coaching Advisor
  • Hayley Glasglow – Performance Advisor
  • Aimee Didierjean – Athlete Advisor
  • Andres Arean – Competition Advisor

Men’s Artistic

  • Gareth Brettell – Chair
  • Cameron Beeton – Judging Advisor
  • Stuart Albrey – Competition Advisor
  • Toby Levine – Coaching Advisor
  • Mark Jujnovich – Performance Advisor
  • Ryan Moffitt – Athlete Advisor


  • Keita McComb – Chair
  • Tracey Redhead –  Judging Advisor
  • Danielle Kirsopp – Competition Advisor
  • Erica Thorby – Coaching Advisor
  • Marnie Sterner –  Performance Advisor
  • Beth Strickland  – Athlete Advisor


  • Tracey Maclennan – Chair
  • Kayleigh Rees – Judging Advisor
  • Talei Dickson – Competition Advisor
  • Laura Furse – Performance Advisor
  • Jennifer Groom – Athlete Advisor
  • Bronte Coluccio – Coaching Advisor


  • Maree Calder – Chair
  • Sandra Marcijasz – Competitions Advisor
  • Will Rotte –  Performance Advisor
  • Campbell Robertson – Athlete Advisor
  • Alison Payne – Coaching Advisor
  • Jess Thompson – Judging Advisor

Purpose and Scope of the Technical Committees
The purpose of the Technical Committee is to provide advice, guidance, direction, leadership, and
action with Gymnastics New Zealand (Gymnastics NZ), to the benefit of the community, on identified
areas of technical expertise. In doing this, the Technical Committee will ensure alignment with the
Gymnastics NZ Strategic Plan, Sport NZ partnerships and Investment initiatives and Technical
Committee outcomes as indicated by the following areas of scope:

• Contribute to the development of participation strategies that grow the number of coaches, judges,
and athletes.
• Ensure these participation opportunities emphasise the importance of providing quality driven
• These experiences should emphasise the health, wellbeing, and welfare of all participants in
gymnastics including athletes, coaches, administrators, and volunteers.

• In developing technical and athlete talent, provide a framework upon which national and
international performances can thrive.
• In coordination with GNZ collaborate where required with relevant key stakeholders such as FIG,
NZOC, HPSNZ and advisory groups.
• Maintain Technical Committee operational excellence through compliance, benchmarking and
implementing industry best-practice.

• Contribute to the success of strategies that enhance training, development, qualification, retention
and mentoring opportunities for coaches, judges, and athletes in technical pathways.
• Uphold the principles of behaviour and conduct policies.

• In partnership with Gymnastics NZ, engage our community and clubs so they become champions of
the sport.