The National GymClub Challenge offers Gym for All (GfA) members from around New Zealand to showcase what they have learned in TeamGym, AeroGym, gymnastic apparatus programme, rhythmic gymnastics, tumbling, trampoline, double-mini trampoline, and GNZ parkour. It caters to varying abilities and all genders from 9-years of age for current GfA members, and retired and competitive athletes. Whilst competitive programmes are not offered at this event, competitive athletes may participate in another code that they are not competitive members in.

The overall philosophy of GfA is to give participants a Balance is Better approach to our sport offerings. They can choose the skills they want to develop, the code, apparatus, and the time they would like to give to develop those skills. This event aligns with this philosophy and will be designed to suit the needs of those participants who choose a pathway that matches this philosophy.