Trampoline Gymnastics

Athletes use the trampoline to catapult themselves to heights that can surpass 10 meters, the height of a three-story building. Without technological devices strapped to the body, Trampolining is as close as human beings get to flying solo.  Trampoline gymnasts compete in one of four categories: Individual Trampoline, Synchronised Trampoline, DoubleMini-trampoline and Tumbling.

Two routines are performed showing consistency of height, skill and minimum deviation from the centre of the trampoline bed.

The added challenge of timing, as two athletes perform the same routine simultaneously on adjacent trampolines.

A short run up on to a two-level mini trampoline to perform a rebounding skill before a dismount, on to a landing mat.

Gymnasts perform multiple somersaults and twists, down a straight track, showing control, skill and maintenance of tempo.

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