Our Team

Grafton, Auckland plays home to Gymnastics NZ Head Office where half of the team is based, with Relationship Managers based in the Regions.

Tony Compier

Chief Executive 
DDI: 09 306 0298
Email Tony.
Tony’s overarching responsibility for organisational performance includes aligning strategic priorities with operational outcomes and community need, and managing  relationships with key external stakeholders including High Performance and Sport NZ, regional and local government and national funders.

Haidee Farmilo

Operations Manager
P: 09 377 3600
Email Haidee.
Haidee is responsible for the management and effective running of education, events, international tours, administration and Information technology

Belinda Randall

Community Sport Manager
P: 09 377 3600
Email Belinda.
Belinda is responsible for the management and leadership of the Community Sport Team, and is the key link between the gymnastics community and key stakeholders such as Sport NZ, RSTs and regional funders.

Tania Nigh

Finance Operations Manager
DDI: 09 306 0290
Email Tania.
Tania works in a part time capacity and is responsible for all aspects of financial management including invoicing, payments, accounts, reporting and compliance.

Jenny Jujnovich

Events Manager
P: 09 377 3600
Email Jenny.
Jenny manages the events portfolio which includes overseeing our involvement in the NZ Secondary Schools events, Gym for All events, endorsed events, and full management and delivery of the annual NZ Gymnastics Championships.

Teresa Iaccarino

Events Assistant
P: 09 377 3600
Email Teresa
The events assistant helps with all things events including the National events calendar, endorsed events and the organisation and delivery of the annual Gymnastics Championships.


Communications Manager
P: 09 377 3600

This role is currently vacant, but please keep an eye on our job page if you are interested in applying for this position.

Isabella Vernon

Tours Administrator
Email Isabella.
This role organises our international tours.

Penny Metcalfe

National Office Exective Assistant & Auckland-Northland Member Support
P: 09 377 3600
Email Penny.
This role is the first point of contact for general inquiries whilst managing the head office administrative functions including CEO and GNZ Steering Committee support,  Board liaison, business unit support and product orders.

Community Sport Team

Christine Reed

Education Manager
P: 09 377 3600
Email Christine.
Christine manages the vital function of coach and judge education, developing resources, managing online education platforms and maintaining alignment with international directives.  She is also responsible for the bi-annual Gym for All Symposium and Gym School.

Katie Donovan

Youth and Foundation Developer
P: 027 254 9967
Email Katie.
Katie leads the XTND and Foundation Coach courses, whilst looking at ways that we can engage and provide opportunities for foundation and other youth coaches and their mentors.

Margaret Wilton

Programmes Manager
P: 09 366 3700
Email Margaret.
Responsible for the review, development and application of gymnastics programmes – recent initiatives include TeamGym, Tumbling and Schools Programmes.  Margaret also plays an integral role in Project 2020 and the Gym for All programmes.

Rachel Murphy

Relationship Manager – South Island
P: 027 518 9265
Email Rachel.
Rachel drives initiatives through the Regional Action Plans and provides hands-on assistance with clubs in the South Island.

Jacqui McCann

Relationship Manager – Midlands
P: 022 353 6039
Email Jacqui.
Jacqui drives initiatives through the Regional Action Plans and provides hands-on assistance with clubs in the Waikato, Bay of Plenty, and Taranaki.

Megan Russell

Relationship Manager – Central North Island-Top of South Island
Email Megan.
As the Central RM, Megan drives initiatives through the Regional Action Plans as well as providing hands-on assistance with clubs in this region. Megan also oversees the Ollerup Scholarship programme.


Email the Helpdesk.
Helpdesk is managed by the Relationship Manager Team to handle general member club inquiries and coordinate the flow of Gymnastics NZ information to the community.

Safe Sport

Gymnastics NZ is committed to ensuring that our sport is providing positive experiences, for all involved. If anyone has something they think we need to know in the context of athlete well-being, then please get in touch with us via this email address.

This email address will be received by our CEO and the independent Chair of the Sport Integrity Unit.

Sport and Recreation Complaints and Mediation Service (SRCMS)

To lodge a complaint or dispute, please call 0800 493 612.

See also the Sport and Recreation Complaints and Mediation Service website.

The Sport and Recreation Complaints and Mediation Service (SRCMS), operated independently by Immediation New Zealand for the whole sport and recreation sector.

The Sport and Recreation Complaints and Mediation Service (SRCMS) is a safe and independent way for anyone engaged in sport and active recreation to lodge a complaint, issue or dispute and have it resolved in a timely manner. The service is free and is open to anyone involved in community sport and recreation as well as elite sport.

The service is operated by Immediation New Zealand Limited, an online dispute resolution company which has been contracted by Sport NZ. It is wholly independent of Sport NZ, High Performance Sport New Zealand and all other sporting bodies, clubs and organisations.