Our Team

Grafton, Auckland plays home to Gymnastics NZ Head Office where half of the team is based, with Relationship Managers based in the Regions.

Tony Compier

Chief Executive 
DDI: 09 306 0298
Email Tony.
Tony’s overarching responsibility for organisational performance includes aligning strategic priorities with operational outcomes and community need, managing also relationships with key external stakeholders including High Performance and Sport NZ, regional and local government and National funders. Tony is also the Gymnastics NZ liaison for the Rhythmic Gymnastics Technical Committee.

Danielle Halliday

Community Sport Manager
DDI: 09 306 0291
Email Danielle.
Danielle is responsible for the management and leadership of the Community Sport Team, and is the key link between the gymnastics community and key stakeholders such as Sport NZ, RSTs and regional funders. Danielle has a specific interest in the development of Gym for All Pathways.

Tania Nigh

Finance Operations Manager
DDI: 09 306 0290
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Tania works in a part time capacity and is responsible for all aspects of financial management including invoicing, payments, accounts, reporting and compliance.

Ayla Huber

Events Manager
DDI: 09 306 0294
M: 027 522 4489
Email Ayla.
Ayla is responsible for all things events including the National events calendar, endorsed events and the organisation and delivery of the annual Gymnastics Championships.

Leanne Olsen

Pacific Rim Event Coordinator
P: 09 366 3700
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Leanne has filled a contracted position to help Ayla with events, specifically the 2020 Pacific Rim Gymnastics Championships administration, logistics and delivery.

Jodie Allely

Nationals Event Coordinator
P: 09 366 3700
Email Jodie.
Jodie is also contracted to the events team, specifically to help coordinate the 2019 NZ Gymnastics Championships administration, logistics and delivery.

Anna Robertson

Communications Manager
P: 09 377 3600
Email Anna.
Anna is responsible for the Communications portfolio including community newsletters, website and social media.  Anna’s key focus is communications, media and broadcasting for the 2020 Pacific Rim Championships.

Gareth Brettell

Performance and Tours Manager
DDI: 09 306 0296
M: 027 282 9769
Email Gareth.
Gareth manages the Performance and Tours portfolio including the High Performance Pathway, qualification, nominations, selections to international tours and managing FIG and LOC logistical requirements. Gareth is key liaison with the NZ Olympic Committee for Commonwealth and Olympic Games. and is also a current men’s artistic judge.

Penny Metcalfe

National Support Administrator
P: 09 377 3600
Email Penny.
This role is the first point of contact for general inquiries whilst managing the base administrative functions involving accounts, product orders and Board liaison.

Community Sport Team

Christine Reed

Sport Education Manager
DDI: 09 306 0295
Email Christine.
Christine manages the vital function of coach and judge education, developing resources, managing online education platforms and maintaining alignment with international directives.  She is also responsible for the bi-annual Gym for All Symposium and Gym School.

Tas Evans

Education Officer
DDI: 09 306 0292
Email Tas.
Tas is responsible for the practical application of education initiatives such as courses, workshops. forums as well as the bi-annual Gym for All Symposium and GymSchool.

Margaret Wilton

Programmes Manager
P: 09 366 3700
Email Margaret.
Responsible for the review, development and application of gymnastics programmes – recent initiatives include TeamGym, Tumbling and Schools Programmes.  Margaret also plays an integral role in Project 2020 and the Gym for All programmes.

Belinda Randall

Relationship Manager Team Leader 
P: 027 653 1122
Email Belinda.
Belinda provides guidance, direction and leadership to the Relationship Managers with strategic planning and outcomes.
Belinda is also currently covering the Northland-Auckland region.

Haidee Farmillo

Relationship Manager – Midlands
P: 027 653 1199
Email Haidee.
Haidee drives initiatives through the Regional Action Plans as well as providing hands on assistance with Clubs.
Haidee has led the review and implementation of the new online XTND Youth Leadership Programme and is responsible for the ongoing offline coordination.

Megan Russell

Relationship Manager – Central North Island – Top of South Island
DDI: 04 560 0372
Email Megan.
Megan drives initiatives through the Regional Action Plans as well as providing hands on assistance with Clubs in her region.
Megan also oversees the Ollerup Scholarship programme.

Rachel Murphy

Relationship Manager – South Island
P: 027 518 9265
Email Rachel.
Rachel drives initiatives through the Regional Action Plans as well as providing hands on assistance with Clubs in the South Island region.


Email the Helpdesk.
Helpdesk is managed by the Relationship Manager Team to handle general member club inquiries and coordinate the flow of Gymnastics NZ information to the community.