Recreational Gymnastics

Globally known as a fundamental movement sport, gymnastics provides the building blocks for all other sports, dance and martial arts. The benefits in child development are widely documented. Our programmes enable confident movers with strong bones and muscles, improved posture and balance, coordination and flexibility. Take all of this, add loads of fun and you have children that learn through exploration and play who are encouraged to be creative with their minds and bodies.

Kiwi Gymfun offers fun and action packed activities while promoting good body management and movement awareness. Children can enjoy Gymfun at their own pace, in a non-competitive and coeducational environment.

moveMproveĀ® increases childrens’ confidence and independence, and encourages team work. It is linked to the five Key Competencies of the New Zealand Curriculum and has shown to have a positive impact on behaviour and performance within the school environment.

School Gymsport Festival
The Festival celebrates the positive health benefits of all gymnastics and provides your school with the perfect opportunity to promote gymnastics movement to your students. Resources are available online.

Incentive Awards
Administered through member clubs, the Incentive Awards programme is open to all affiliated members, aged 6 years and over, across all five gymnastics sports. Ā Each programme level focuses on conditioning, skills, and routines.


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