Originating on the streets, Parkour can be summed up as the art of getting from one point to another by respecting one key principle: efficiency and fluidity. Parkour was developed as a training method but over time it has inspired diverse sporting events, action movies, and gaining many followers.

In FIG events, the Parkour area is strewn with a variety of blocks, walls and bars designed to mirror the different obstacles found in urban areas. To overcome them, athletes must make use of a range of techniques, such as the cat leap (saut de chat), arm jump (saut de bras), drop jump (saut de fond) and wall run (passe-muraille).

There are two categories: Speed and Freestyle. In the Speed event, athletes must overcome obstacles as quickly as possible to reach the finish line in the quickest time. In the Freestyle event, athletes make use of the obstacles to show off their style and creativity as their technical performance is judged.

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Technical information

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