Women’s Artistic Gymnastics

Artistic Gymnastics is one of the most popular, celebrated and thoroughly modern sports for women, having undergone more transformation than perhaps any other Olympic sport. With a thrilling combination of daring and grace, gymnasts perform challenging elements on four apparatus – Vault, Uneven Bars, Balance Beam and Floor – with emphasis on agility, artistry, flexibility, power and style.

Gymnasts are judged on difficulty of the exercise, execution, along with dynamics, including height and distance from apparatus, and must show strength, flexibility, balance and artistry.

A 25m run up must develop the necessary power to take off from the springboard, and complete aerial skills before a stable landing.

Uneven Bars
Continuous swings in both directions, above, below and between bars with multiple re-grasp elements, precede an acrobatic dismount.

Balance Beam
Series of leaps, jumps and turns demonstrate elegance, flexibility, balance and control, before a tumbling combination to dismount.

Choreographed to music, this acrobatic routine displays tumbling, strength and balance movements connected with gymnastic artistry.


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