Rhythmic Gymnastics

Heavily influenced by ballet and modern dance, Rhythmic Gymnastics is the juncture of sport and art. Performing routines with music, gymnasts amaze audiences with their astonishing skill with hand-held apparatus: Hoop, Ball, Clubs, Ribbon and Rope as individuals or groups.

Flexibility and musical interpretation are important elements in a Rhythmic routine as is the amount of risk they take, often throwing apparatus several meters into the air and losing sight of it while performing stunning leaps, turns or acrobatic maneuvers before catching it.

Gymnasts move through and over the hoop as it is rolled, rotated and released through a variety of delicate and powerful movements.

The gymnast and the ball should move in perfect harmony as they roll, bounce and throw the ball with control and precision.

Characteristics include small circles, large throws and asymmetric movements requiring exceptional hand eye and psychomotor skills.

Possibly the most recognised rhythmic apparatus, gymnasts create designs in space whilst passing through or over the ribbon.

A dynamic apparatus where gymnasts perform leaps and turns whilst skipping, rotating, releasing and catching the rope.

Synchronicity is the key as five gymnasts collaborate movements and exchanges of apparatus.