The Board of Gymnastics New Zealand (Gymnastics NZ) has passed a resolution that New Zealand representative tours through to 31 March 2022 will not be considered for approval.

The only exception to this is for qualification or attendance at the 2022 Commonwealth Games or attendance at a pinnacle level event. For clarity, a pinnacle level event is a World Championships, during this period.

Any request for travel including to the above-mentioned events must be sent to helpdesk to be approved.

The Board also advises that any clubs considering travelling on non-New Zealand representative international club tours during this period, should not travel.

It would be intended that the position of the Board in relation to international travel from 1 January 2022 onwards, would be reviewed and conveyed prior to this date.

Once tours have resumed, all those looking at travelling on a New Zealand tour, must read and understand these three resources:

By being selected to a NZ Tour, all tour members are agreeing to all terms as laid out in the International Tours Manual.