Project 2020 Update – June 2019

Anna RobertsonClubland Newsletter, Project 2020

As you will hopefully be aware, the transition towards 2020 and the changes that this entails is broken into a series of projects covering a wide range of aspects. These are covered in the Club Support Plan that was released last year – definitely worth a read if you haven’t had a chance yet. Below is a summary of progress to date on these projects:

Project 1: Club HR Resource needs analysis and support developed.
This project has been completed. The Regional Action Plans (capability support documents) contain initiatives that meet the needs identified by clubs during the analysis phase. These have been launched with clubs and you can contact your Relationship Manager at any time to discuss further.

Project 2: Project 2020 Club Transition Checklist.
Here is the Club Transition Checklist.
In addition to this, we are continuing to build on how clubs can tackle this change by sharing examples of what clubs are doing around the country

Project 3: National Championships Pathways.
The Qualifying Event Frameworks for 2020 have been released to the community and the event application process has been executed.

The draft calendars will be worked through with the respective Technical Committees for finalisation. The 2020 calendar will be released shortly after this.

Although Project 3 is slightly behind schedule, all 2020 qualifying calendars should be out to the community by the end of July 2019. Those that are ready before will be released.

Project 4: Other Event Opportunities.
With Project 3 nearing completion, planning for Project 4 is underway and a discussion and process document is being developed. This project will have significant input from the GfA SDC but will also involve the TCs and some community working groups will be brought together for some projects.

Project 5: Athlete Well-Being Project.
The scope for the approach of the project is in its final stages and a draft survey is being put together. These will be shared with TCs and other community members once complete.

Project 6: Judge Development.
The initial planning for this project has begun within the Project 2020 project team. Some TCs have identified judge development in their work plans and some initiatives are already underway. The project will review all work plans to see where there are links, as well as give consideration to the GfA judging pathway.

Project 7: Four-year cycle schedule and support plan for FIG Codes of Points changes.
It was agreed at the April TC Chair’s meeting that a plan would be put in place for the re-development of coach and judge resources based around the four-year cycle change in FIG Code of Points. The Education Manager will attend each TC meeting to ensure connectivity ahead of this process.

Project 8: Coach and Judge Education.
The 2020 calendar was discussed at the TC Chair’s meeting in April and it was agreed that the Education Manager would work closely with each TC to draft the calendar.