Former international gymnast, and current coach and judge Olivia Jöbsis reflects on her time as an athlete specialist on the Gymnastics New Zealand Steering Committee.

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In December 2021, I was informed I’d been selected as one of five athlete specialists on the Gymnastics New Zealand Steering Committee. Joining the committee would be another chance to tell my story, and to speak up for others who had suffered harm through participating in gymnastics. I was stoked to get the call up. I was also nervous, and … Read More

Child and Youth Specialist Willow Duffy shares thoughts post-wrap-up of the Steering Committee

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‘Safeguarding practices should be as important as having a first aid certificate, and talked about daily.’ Willow Duffy, CEO at Safeguarding Children New Zealand, encourages us all to continue the work initiated by the Steering Committee, where she sat as the Child and Youth Specialist. Please see the video below for Willow’s thoughts and reflections on her time on the … Read More

Media release: Gymnastics Takes Next Step Towards Positive Future as Steering Committee Wraps Up Work

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The Steering Committee tasked with implementing the recommendations of the 2021 independent review into gymnastics in New Zealand has concluded its work having helped drive significant positive change in the sport. While there remains much work to do, strong progress in vital areas such as child safeguarding and athlete voice and inclusion in decision-making were signs the sport was moving … Read More

Elevating Gymnast Wellbeing: Recruiting for the Training Guidelines Working Group

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Gymnastics New Zealand is forming a dedicated Working Group that will guide the development of new training guidelines for our gymnasts in Aotearoa. This move is a part of our commitment to improving participant wellbeing and following best practice long-term athlete development. The need for this initiative has been reinforced through the valuable insights from AUT research and feedback from … Read More

Wellness is Key to Sustained High Performance

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High performance in gymnastics doesn’t have to come at the cost of physical and mental suffering.That was the message American gymnastics coach, strength trainer, and renowned physiotherapist and injury specialist Dr Dave Tilley delivered to an online audience of New Zealand gymnastics coaches during a highly informative recent webinar. This theme was woven through the three lectures in the workshop: … Read More

Hamilton’s Turn and Gymnastic Circle Embracing the Future of Gymnastics in Aotearoa

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Since its inception in 1953, Hamilton’s Turn and Gymnastic Circle (T&G) club has prided itself on being a little club that delivers big results – both in competition and in the community. “It has largely avoided the excessive focus on competition that has led to the athlete welfare and child safety issues highlighted in the 2020 Independent Review into the … Read More