Ollerup scholarships awarded for 2024

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We are very excited to announce the Ollerup Scholarship recipients for 2024-2025. Please join us in congratulating Maia has been thinking about applying to Ollerup for the past few years and became sure about it when the Ollerup Elitehold group visited her gym, showing their joy and enthusiasm for gymnastics and movement. Maia has been involved in gymnastics since a … Read More

An email home from Ollerup – Grace Shearer

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Grace Shearer (Omni Gymnastics Club) is currently enjoying a 6-month scholarship at Ollerup in Denmark – read her email below to see just how much. “There have been so many highlights during my time at Ollerup, that I don’t quite know where to start! At the start of March, we went on a school ski trip to Trysil Norway. It … Read More

Spring Semester at Ollerup – Tamara Marcijasz

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Tamara Marcijasz (Olympia Gymnastic Sports) is partway through her 6-month scholarship at Ollerup—read on to hear about some of her adventures so far. “122 days have passed since I first arrived at Ollerup Gymnastikhojskolen, and this time has flown by in the blink of an eye. We have gone through events such as Fastelavn (Northern European carnival tradition), a week-long … Read More

Two Ollerup Scholarships Awarded

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We are really pleased to announce that not one, but two, coaches have been awarded an Ollerup Scholarship to commence in January 2020. Tara Fitzgerald from Waikanae Gymnastics Club is off to Olleryp to study Rhythmic Gymnastics with the aim to gain an in-depth knowledge in choreography and musicality, which she can also bring back to TeamGym. Tara is a … Read More