Two Ollerup Scholarships Awarded

Anna Robertsone-News

We are really pleased to announce that not one, but two, coaches have been awarded an Ollerup Scholarship to commence in January 2020.

Tara Fitzgerald from Waikanae Gymnastics Club is off to Olleryp to study Rhythmic Gymnastics with the aim to gain an in-depth knowledge in choreography and musicality, which she can also bring back to TeamGym. Tara is a past CIT student (now XTND) and attended the recent GFA Symposium. Tara works across all areas of Waikanae Gymnastics Club and has a huge passion for TeamGym with a future goal of attending or being part of a Gymnaestrada team.

Jodie Allely from North Shore Trampoline is going to Ollerup to study Tumbling with the aim to build on her knowledge of the sport and share her skills on return to New Zealand. Jodie has represented New Zealand at the Australian Nationals as a trampoline athlete, she is a Senior Advance Trampoline Judge and is an XTND graduate. Jodie currently coaches across all areas of North Shore Trampoline with a future goal of being an international level judge in trampoline.

We wish Tara and Jodie the very best that Ollerup has to offer them, and very much look forward to hearing about their experiences and applying their newly tuned skills back home.