Ollerup scholarships awarded for 2024

Anna RobertsonEducation

We are very excited to announce the Ollerup Scholarship recipients for 2024-2025. Please join us in congratulating

  1. Maia Brinkley, Rimutaka Gymsports – 6-month scholarship
  2. Michaela McPhee, Harbour City Gymnastics – 6-month scholarship
  3. Molly Cutting, Waikanae Gymnastic Club – 9-month scholarship

Maia has been thinking about applying to Ollerup for the past few years and became sure about it when the Ollerup Elitehold group visited her gym, showing their joy and enthusiasm for gymnastics and movement. Maia has been involved in gymnastics since a young age and has been coaching for seven years. Maia has some awesome goals to broaden her knowledge and skills and sees herself coaching for the long term.

Michaela’s passion for gymnastics began at 5 years old, and has taken part in recreational gymnastics, teamgym, and women’s artistic gymnastics. She has been coaching for the last four years, has almost completed the XTND Coach programme, and her unwavering love for her sport still sees her competing. She has been dreaming of attending Ollerup for a few years and is excited and determined about this next step in her gymnastics journey.

Molly has been a member of her club for 16 years, both as a gymnast and coach. She wears lots of hats at her club, including being a teamgym manager, a co-vice president of the committee and a member of the club’s coach forum. Molly has met a number of Ollerup students and learned a lot about the school through the years which has deepened her motivation to attend. She hopes to push herself out of her comfort zone to learn more about the sport she loves.

They will all begin their life-changing experiences in Denmark in July/August next year. We very much look forward to hearing about their time at Ollerup.

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