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Gym for All Sport Development Committee

The purpose of the Gym For All Sport Development Committee (GFA SDC) is to provide advice, guidance, direction, leadership, and action with Gymnastics New Zealand (Gymnastics NZ), to the benefit of the GFA community, on identified areas of technical expertise. In doing this, the GFA SDC will ensure alignment with the Gymnastics NZ Strategic Plan, in terms of agreed strategies  and outcomes as indicated by the following areas of scope:

• Support the development of participation programmes with clear participant pathways.
• Contribute to the development of participation strategies that grow the number of coaches, judges and volunteers in GFA.

• Contribute to the success of strategies that enhance training, development, qualification, retention
and mentoring opportunities for coaches, judges, and volunteers in GFA
• Uphold the principles of behaviour and conduct policies.

• In partnership with Gymnastics NZ, engage our community and clubs so they become champions of
GFA and the GNZ brand.

The SDC will not be solely responsible for developing resources. The GFA SDC is a collaborative leadership group that will represent their areas of expertise and support key GNZ staff and/or other community members in the achievement of the initivates within the GFA strategy.

Positions on the GFA SDC

  • Haylee Ross – GFA Chair
  • Stephen Van Huysen – GG Advisor
  • Monique Gapes – RG Advisor
  • Jodie Alley – TRA Advisor
  • Myles Glass – TeamGym Advisor

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