2017 Trampoline National Squads

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Congratulations to all athletes who have been selected to the Trampoline National Squads.  The National Squad system is a new initiative for 2017 and tier one announced earlier in the year. Now we have the complete squad with the addition of tiers two and three. The squad structure is as follows,

Tier 1 – iTRACSS levels 5 & 6
Tier 2 – iTRACSS level 4
Tier 3 – iTRACSS level 3

How is the squad put together
The squads for 2017 are named using all of the international qualifying events from 2016, as well as international events attended by our New Zealand team members. We have also used the first two events of 2017.

So for 2018 we will be using all international qualifying events from this year, plus Nationals, and all international events (such as World Cups, World Games and World Championships).

Does this mean athletes automatically make the team?
No. Being part of the squad means you are a targeted athlete, but depending on the competition, there will be other criteria to be met before a team is announced.

So what does part of squad mean?
As part of the national squad, you will be invited to attend training sessions/camps with other squad athletes and coaches, as well as lectures and other learning opportunities for both athletes and their coaches.


The 2017 Squads are:

Senior Squad – ITRACSS Levels 5 & 6


  • Dylan Schmidt (Extreme Trampoline)
  • Rachel Schmidt (Extreme Trampoline)
  • Madaline Davidson (Olympia Gymnastics)
  • Bronwyn Dibb (Ice Trampoline)
  • Alexa Kennedy (Icon Trampoline)


Double-mini Trampoline

  • Lachlan Smith (North Shore Trampoline)
  • Jordan Twigge (Ricochet Trampoline)
  • Kieran Growcott (Ice Trampoline)
  • Bronwyn Dibb (Ice Trampoline)


Tier 2 – ITRACSS Level 4


  • Sean Wilson (Extreme Trampoline)
  • Jared Cooper (Olympia Gymnastics)
  • Lachlan Smith (North Shore Trampoline)
  • Reegan Laidlaw (Jnr) (Olympia Gymnastics)
  • Kate Nicholson (Extreme Trampoline)
  • Brittany Wang (Jnr) (Ice Trampoline)
  • Charlotte Worley (Jnr) (Olympia Gymnastics)


Double Mini Trampoline

  • Nathan Monkton (Jnr) (North Shore Trampoline)


Tier 3 – ITRACSS Level 3


  • Ethan Bai (Extreme Trampoline)
  • Blake Costley (Jnr) (Extreme Trampoline)
  • Kaiya Huta (Jnr) (Eastland Port Gisborne Trampoline)
  • Ben Sutherland (Jnr) (Olympia Gymnastics)
  • Jakarta Klebert (Age) (Olympia Gymnastics)
  • Liam Costley (Age) (Extreme Trampoline)
  • Perrie MacDonald (Jnr) (Hamilton City Gymsports)


Double Mini Trampoline

  • Kaiya Huta (Jnr) (Eastland Port Gisborne Trampoline)
  • Blake Costley (Jnr) (Extreme Trampoline)
  • Finn Vette (Jnr) (Eastland Port Gisborne Trampoline)
  • Georgea Kelly (Ice Trampoline)
  • Melissa Romeril (Ice Trampoline)
  • Brittany Wang (Jnr) (Ice Trampoline)
  • Brooke Tear (Jnr) (Ice Trampoline)


We wish you all the best with your training and goals this year.