Programme Updates – November 2019

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Sport NZ Insights – What do young people want?

There is now significant research and insights from around the world and in NZ for what motivates people and young people, in particular, to participate in sport or physical activity.  As new generation’s experiences are different from the previous, then so are their needs for the activities they chose to spend their time at.  Increasingly, new sports are emerging and traditional sports are adapting their offering to keep relevant and in many cases address falling participation.

Sport NZ research outlined in the Young People Profile (2018) identifies eight themes that can be used as a starting point for what young people want out of sport.

  1. I want to have fun
  2. I want to be with my friends
  3. I want activities to align with my family values
  4. I want to get fit and healthy
  5. It needs to be easy to participate
  6. I want to feel confident
  7. I want to improve my skills and to be challenged
  8. I want to have choice

The profile report also recommends applying these insights into a local context as ‘what young people want from an experience varies’ and ‘organisations should seek to establish an understanding of young people within their own context.’   In a club setting asking a group of athletes their thoughts on what they would like to see out of a programme or an event can provide valuable information to improving your club offering.

National Gym for All Routine and Event Pathways – See the Project 2020 update for a more detailed update on the development of the GfA and Project 2020 Projects.

National Gym for All Programme Principles

The GfA SDC has developed participant focussed ‘Programme Principles’ to guide the development of the National GfA pathways (routines and events).  It is important that the pathways are developed to meet the needs of the participants they are targeted at and therefore the ‘Programme Principles’ have been an important part of the groundwork for programme development.

Programme Principles

1:  Inclusive – All abilities and backgrounds can access the programmes and participate.

2:  Flexible – Variety and options to choose what works for the participant and develop at their own pace. 

3:  Achievement – Participants are challenged and can see themselves developing and progressing.

4:  Social – A sense of belonging and connecting with others in a variety of settings and challenges.

5: Fun – Personal enjoyment in supportive, engaging and exciting environments.  

NZ Secondary Schools Gymnastics – Event structure changes

Recently a change in the structure of events for the NZ Secondary Schools Events was announced.  If you have members of Secondary School age please ensure they see this information.  More details about the events will be released in due course.