Sport Action Conference 2017

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Sport Action Conference 2017: 8 – 10 September

People in clubland are hurting! It is arguably harder than ever to successfully run a community sports organisation. Amidst a dense fog of messaging and competition, finding the members, volunteers and money to keep afloat and sustainable is hard and often thankless work.

The increasingly complicated nature of our family lives exacerbates all of these challenges.
But your organisation can thrive, can grow, and can be ‘leading’- this weekend is about giving you the structure, the strategy, the process, the tools and skills, the contacts, and the motivation to do so. Over the weekend…
– You will step outside of your comfort zone
– You will build your network of the people leading club and sport development in our region
– You will gain new insight around the performance of your organization
– You will use this insight to prepare and plan new approaches
– You will ACT on these new approaches
– You may win $1000 for WOW-ing our judges with the transformation of your organisation.

All of this for a cost of $200 (and if your club has Club rewards you can pay using these!).

If you are interested in attending this wonderful, pro-active weekend please read the flyer and complete the registration form. Be part of the action!