Auckland Athletes Represent New Zealand

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With a number of overseas tours on the horizon we would like to congratulate all Auckland Athletes who have been selected to represent New Zealand over the next few months.  We wish you well in your preparations and look forward to seeing the results of your hard work on that world stage.

MAG 2017 International Junior Cup Team – Berlin 7-8 April 2017

Ethan Dick – Tri Star Gymnastics
Sam Dick – Tri Star Gymnastics
Harvey Humber – Counties Manukau Gymnastics
Daniel Stoddart – North Harbour Gymnastics
Batu Yazici – North Harbour Gymnastics
Tour coach and manager
Adrian Coman – Counties Manukau Gymnastics

2017 Australian Gymnastics Championships – 22 May – 4 June

WAG – Senior International
Isabella Brett – Tri Star Gymnastics
Caitlin Todd – Tri Star Gymnastics
Estella Matthewson – Tri Star Gymnastics
Ayame van Beusekom – Tri Star Gymnastics
Charlotte Ryan – North Harbour Gymnastics
WAG – Junior International – 15 years
Maia Fishwick – Eastern Suburbs Gymnastics Club
WAG – Junior International – 14 years
Makenna McIntyre – North Harbour Gymnastics
Jordan Settle – North Harbour Gymnastics
Jonti Matthewson – Tri Star Gymnastics
WAG – Junior International – 13 years
Ariana Salaivao – Tri Star Gymnastics
Josiah Geange – Tri Star Gymnastics

RG – National Level 9
Amber Goodger – Counties Manukau Gymnastics
RG – National Level 10
Abbey Retter – Xtreme RhythmiX
Susanna Denby – Counties Manukau
Katherine Paton – Xtreme RhythmiX
Paige Grant-Huggett – Xtreme RhythmiX
RG – Pre-Junior International
Alicia Scott – Xtreme RhythmiX
RG – Junior International
Laylah Waggie – Xtreme RhythmiX
Maria Kosenko – Xtreme RhythmiX
Havana Hopman – Xtreme RhythmiX
Hannah Moore – Xtreme RhythmiX
Naomi Yacyshen – Xtreme RhythmiX
Varya Milkova – Xtreme RhythmiX
RG – Senior International
Clementine Hutchison – Xtreme RhythmiX
Stella Ebert – Xtreme RhythmiX
Grace Schroder – Counties Manukau Gymnastics
Aya Probert – Xtreme RhythmiX
RG – Judges
Marnie Sterner
Tracey Redhead
RG – Coach
Erica Thorby – Xtreme RhythmiX

RG – Chaperone
Sandra Paton
RG – Team Manager
Erica Thorby – Xtreme RhythmiX

TRA – Under 11 years
Susan Edmonds-Maney – Icon Trampoline

TRA – Under 15 years
Ethan Strickland – Icon Trampoline

TRA – 17+ years
Rhona Robertson – Extreme Trampoline

DMT – Under 11 years
Madison Mills – North Shore Trampoline
Susan Edmonds-Maney – Icon Trampoline
Talia Mills – North Shore Trampoline

DMT – Under 13 years
Ryan Jefferson – North Shore Trampoline

DMT – Under 15 years
Ethan Strickland – Icon Trampoline
Harrison Smith – North Shore Trampoline
Jack Jones – Extreme Trampoline

DMT – 17+ years
Jodie Allely – North Shore Trampoline

TRA – Youth International
Nathan Monkton – North Shore Trampoline
Abigail Mills – Extreme Trampoline

TRA – Junior International
Blake Costley – Extreme Trampoline
Brodie Miller – North Shore Trampoline
Madeleine Houston – North Shore Trampoline
Olivia Cook – Extreme Trampoline

TRA – Senior International
Dylan Schmidt – Extreme Trampoline
Lachlan Smith – North Shore Trampoline
Rachel Schmidt – Extreme Trampoline

DMT – Youth International
Nathan Monkton – North Shore Trampoline

DMT – Junior International
Brodie Miller – North Shore Trampoline
Blake Costley – Extreme Trampoline
Brendan Bekker – North Shore Trampoline

DMT – Senior International
Lachlan Smith – North Shore Trampoline

TRA Coaches
Jarrod Heriot – Extreme Trampoline
Rosa Esteban- Martinez – North Shore Trampoline