Bouncing in Birmingham with the Trampoline World Age Team.

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Going overseas and representing your country in a sport that you love can sound so glamorous, but behind the leotard sparkles and that 30-second routine on the world stage, is months of grit, sweat, and hours in the gym. And then throw in the world stage part again – a fun but unfamiliar environment. The 2023 Trampoline World Age Group … Read More

TRA Team to 2019 World Age Group Competitions

Anna RobertsonNZ Team Announcements

After the Senior Trampoline World Championships are the World Age Group Competitions. These will also be taking place in Tokyo, Japan 5 – 8 December. We are pleased to have announced the following athletes and officials to represent New Zealand: Trampoline – Individual 11-12 yrs Deacan Brill (Hamilton City GymSports) 13-14 yrs Liam Costley (Icon Trampoline) 13-14 yrs Sienna French … Read More