TRA 2019 World Championships Team

Anna RobertsonNZ Team Announcements

It is with much excitement that we can announce a Trampoline and two Double-Mini Teams to represent New Zealand at the last World Championships of the quadrennial. The 2019 Trampoline World Championships will be taking place in Tokyo, Japan on 28 November – 1 December.

The Trampoline Team who has been selected is:

  • Dylan Schmidt (Icon Trampoline)
  • Alexa Kennedy (Icon Trampoline)
  • Madaline Davidson (Olympia Gymnastics Sports)

Synchro Pairs

  • Alexa Kennedy and Madaline Davidson


  • Head Coach: Jarrod Heriot (NZ Trampoline Coach)
  • Coach: Alex Nilov (Olympia Gymnastic Sports)
  • Judge: Janine Glover (Icon Trampoline)
  • Physio: Patrick Peng

Double-Mini Trampoline

  • Campbell Robertson (ICE Trampoline)
  • Jordan Twigge (ICE Trampoline)
  • Scott Phillips (ICE Trampoline)
  • Lachlan Smith (North Shore Trampoline)
  • Bronwyn Dibb (ICE Trampoline)
  • Brooke Teear (ICE Trampoline)
  • Melissa Romeril (ICE Trampoline)
  • Olivia Gillot (Icon Trampoline)


  • Head coach: Nigel Humphreys (ICE Trampoline)
  • Coach: John Howe (ICE Trampoline)
  • Judge: Vicki Humphreys (ICE Trampoline)
  • Physio: Patrick Peng

Congratulations to all those selected. We wish the Trampoline team all the best as they continue on their Olympic qualification pathway. Also to the two Double-Mini teams – the first teams we have sent to Worlds in a long while. Good luck to you all with your competitions.