AER – 2019 International Aerobic Championship Team

Anna RobertsonNZ Team Announcements

2019 sees us send another New Zealand team to the USA, to compete in the International Aerobic Championship (ANAC). This year’s event is back in Phoenix, Arizona taking place 27 – 31 July.

The athletes who have been selected to represent New Zealand at ANAC this year are:

Age Group 1: Individual

  • Amber Sue (Gymnastics Waitara)
  • Laiken Neaves (Aspire Aerobix)
  • Neela Patel (Aspire Aerobix)
  • Abbey Bolton (Aspire Aerobix)
  • Grace Christey (Active Attitude)
  • Madi Taylor (Aspire Aerobix)

Age Group 1: Multi

  • Trio: Abbey Bolton, Neela Patel, Madi Taylor (Aspire Aerobix)
  • Group: Abbey Bolton, Neela Patel, Madi Taylor, Grace Christey, Hayley Christini (Aspire Aerobix, Active Attitude)

Age Group 2: Individual

  • Sarah Kennedy (Howick Rhythmics)
  • Georgia Taylor (Aspire Aerobix)

Senior: Individual

  • Kaylee Goodyer (Aspire Aerobix) – withdrawn
  • Hannah Wilton (Aspire Aerobix)
  • Samantha Shing (Aspire Aerobix)
  • Catrin Pearce (Aspire Aerobix)
  • Bethany Gibbens (Affinity)
  • Taylor McCaughan (Aspire Aerobix) – withdrawn

Senior: Multi

  • Trio: Kaylee Goodyer, Catrin Pearce, Taylor McCaughn (Aspire Aerobix) – withdrawn


  • Head of Delegation & Head Coach: Amy Nield (Aspire Aerobics)
  • Coach: Ashleigh Mccaw (Active Attitude)
  • Coach: Laura Furse (Red Studios)
  • Manager and Chaperone: Colette Rohloff

We offer the entire team our congratulations as we look forward to them flying the Kiwi flag for us in Phoenix. All the best in your preparations and competitions girls!