2021 Aerobic Gymnastics National Squads

Anna RobertsonNZ Team Announcements

We are super excited to announce the 2019 Aerobics Gymnastics National Squad.  The athletes who have been selected into the Squad are:

  • Hannah Wilton – Aspire Aerobix
  • Catrin Pearce – Aspire Aerobix
  • Brooke Davies – Aspire Aerobix
  • Jennifer Groom – Aspire Aerobix
  • Kate Harvey – Aspire Aerobix


Congratulations to all athletes. We wish you every success in your future competitions.

Does this mean athletes automatically make a NZ tour team?
No. Being part of the squad means that you are a targeted athlete, but depending on the competition, there will be other criteria to be met before a team is announced.

What does being part of the Squad mean?
As part of the National Squad, you will be invited to attend training sessions/camps with other squad athletes and coaches, as well as lectures and other learning opportunities for both athletes and their coaches.

How is the squad put together?
The National Squads are for athletes competing in senior international. Athletes are selected into the 2021 Squad using performance criteria achieved at key events during 2019/2020. Due to the Covid-19 situation, there will be no new additions to the Squads at this stage unless they met the criteria at events in the early part of 2020. Athletes can, however, be selected into the Squad during 2020/2021 if they achieve the performance criteria at identified key events. These key events are TBC due to the uncertainty around the competition season.

Updated Squad selection documents will be made available once Key events are established in 2021.

What is the difference between the International Stream and the National Squad?

The Aerobics International Stream includes all athletes from National Development up to Senior International, who have met criteria as set out in the 2020 Aerobics Handbook

The National Squad is for selected senior international athletes who have met the National Squad criteria.

For any further information please either contact the relevant Technical Committee Performance Advisor or gareth.brettell@gymnasticsnz.com.