Nationals Date Review update

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Since the last Nationals date review update, the GNZ Board have been working with research experts Honoco to develop the survey methodology and the survey itself. The survey is now in its final stages of completion and will be sent out to the broader community no later than week commencing 31 October.

With the expert assistance of Honoco, the survey has been developed to ensure it is robust and provides the Board, the GNZ team and the community with an
unbiased and transparent view from a broad cross section of the community on both the ideal Nationals date placement and the desire or need for a GFA event and its ideal timing. It aims to gather insightful rationale behind the responses to ensure that the resulting recommendations and outcomes are made with key impacts for all sections of the community being highly considered.

We are aiming to ensure that the survey is completed by a representative sample of our community and will capture input from everyone who touches the sport across all codes and including coaches, judges, volunteers, parents, and athletes. A fair and transparent view will only be possible if we have sufficient numbers, and a good cross section of these groups answer the survey. We encourage everyone who receives the survey to have their input and to encourage others to do the same. We aim to have the survey open to the community to respond for two weeks. This timeframe will be assessed as it unfolds to ensure we have enough responses and cross sections of respondents before it closes.

Alongside the survey, the Board are also working with Honoco to develop a weighted decision-making framework that will provide a clear and transparent overview of how any resulting recommendations have been made.

We aim to share the findings of the survey and the resulting recommendation(s) with the community by mid December 2022. As above, we will assess this timeframe as the survey responses and results unfold and will communicate in a timely manner should this deadline need to change for any reason.

Gymnastics NZ Board Sub-Committee