TRA World Championships Team Announcement

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After the Senior Trampoline World Championships are the World Age Group Competitions. These will also be taking place in Bulgaria, November 2022. We are pleased to have announced the following athletes and officials to represent New Zealand:.

Sienna French – 17-21 TRA, DMT and Synchro
Emma Paige Hampson – Tindale – 17-21 Tumbling
James Dougal – 17-21 TRA and Synchro
Regan Langford – 17-21 TRA and Synchro
Lachlan Thomas Robert Kirk – 17-21 TRA, DMT and Tumbling
Liam Costley – 17-21 TRA
Brodie Miller – 17-21 DMT
Mitchell Nick Unkovich – 17-21 DMT
Nathan Monkton – 17-21 DMT
Luka Hall – 15-16 TRA and DMT
Lauren Sheere – 15-16 TRA and Synchro 17-21
Flynn Gunther – 13-14 TRA
Jake Macken – 13-14 TRA, DMT and Synchro
Nathan Davies – 13-14 TRA, DMT and Synchro
Lucija Beverley Unkovich – 13-14 TRA, DMT
Liliana Gunther – 11-12 TRA, DMT
Giselle Fa’asio-Stehlin – 11-12 TRA, DMT and Tumbling
Angie Dougal and Head of Delegation
Alex Nilov
Rachel Schmidt
John Howe
Wayne Marsh
Jess Thompson – DMT
Vicky Humphreys – Trampoline
Annabel French
Tim Gunther
Bruce Macken
Teresa Stehlin

We wish all athletes and officials the best of luck