Gymnastics NZ

Based in Auckland, Gymnastics New Zealand is the national body responsible for the development, promotion, governance and leadership of gymnastics throughout New Zealand.

Gymnastics includes both Men’s (MAG) and Women’s (WAG) artistic gymnastics, Rhythmic (RG) gymnastics, Aerobics (AER) and Trampoline (TRA).

Our Mission:
Growing great New Zealanders through gymnastics.


  • Movement is the foundation for all sports and performing arts;
  • We are movement specialists;
  • Gymnastics offers fun, enjoyment and personal achievement that builds confidence;
  • Gymnastics develops and enriches lives;
  • There is a place for everyone;
  • We are aspiring to excellence and building winners;
  • We provide pathways to international performance standards;
  • We celebrate with pride, all levels of achievement;
  • Progress occurs when Members do better, move more often and in greater numbers;
  • The primary access to gymnastics is through Clubs.
Growing great New Zealanders through gymnastics.Gymnastics NZ

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