Gymnastics NZ Life Members

We are extremely grateful for the years of dedicated service our Life Members have donated. We respectfully recognise them as key leaders in our sports.

Mr John Sandos (1984)
Mr Michael Ranger (1999)
Mrs Lyn Johnston (2000)
Mr Tony Quirk (2003)
Mr Murray Charteris (2005)
Ms Marie Stechman (2005) MNZM
Mr Gerry O’Brien
Mr Nigel Humphreys
Mr Doug Callahan
Mrs Zelda Middleton
Mrs Janine Glover
Mr Wayne Marsh
Mr Alan Boulton

Mr Howard Johnston (2009)
Mrs Vicki Humphreys (2005)
Mrs Avril Enslow (2013) MNZM
Mrs Carol Henry (2013)
Dr Michele Hawke (2016) CNZM
Mrs Jane Sheldrake (2017)
Mrs Theodora Gotz (2017)
Tracey Redhead (2019)
Mark Jujnovich (2019)
Howard Hill (2020)
Gareth Brettell (2023)
Angie Dougal (2024)
Tas Evans (2024)

In Memoriam
Dulcie Howells (1999)
William Duncan (1999)
R W (Bo) Gordine (1958)
L R (Dick) Bedggood (1969)
Robert Larkin (1971)
Nora Nixon (1984)
Emmy Bellwood (1984)
Mrs Margaret Woolf (2010) MNZM
Dr Warwick Darcey (1992)
Mr Martin Gotz (1995)

Mr Bruce Pulman (2009)

Gymnastics NZ Honours Committee

To achieve a broad geographic and gymnastics sport representation, the Gymnastics NZ Board of Directors have selected the following Life Members to the Committee:

Marie Stechman (Chair)
Tony Quirk
Mike Ranger

Contributing (non-voting) Members
Mark Jujnovich
Tracey Redhead