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Travel Insurance

Our Policy is specific to competing athletes, which standard travel insurance does not cover.  If you are using another provider and you are a traveling athlete, please ensure that your Policy covers you for competition and training.  You will need to provide us with a Certificate of Insurance if you are using another provider.

If you are using our insurance provider, please complete an application form below.

NZ Tours

All those selected to a NZ Team (athletes and officials) must send their completed application forms to your Team manager within 4 days of Team Selection.  Team Managers must then collate all application forms and send to us within 7 days of Team Selection.

Administration is included in the Intention to Travel fee.

If you would like to apply for travel insurance, please send your tour details and travel dates to .

Insurance Documentation

Club Tours

The Tour Manager must collate completed application forms from all travelers and send to 7 days following Team Selection or at least 6 weeks prior to travel.

There will be a one off administration fee of $70 per tour (invoiced to the Club).

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