Volunteer Recognition – Get it Right, See the Difference

Anna RobertsonAuckland-Northland, Central-Wellington, e-News, Midlands, Regional, South Island

It goes without saying that volunteers are the lifeblood or backbone of sports clubs. Without volunteers events wouldn’t be run, classes wouldn’t operate, committees and a myriad of other roles wouldn’t exist.
Thanking your volunteers is a bit of a no-brainer, but do you stop and think about how you are thanking them or when?

Don’t leave volunteer recognition to the end of the year prize-giving. Plan for it and build it into your Clubs culture throughout the year, the impact a bit of focus and a few changes can have on your volunteer retention will make the effort well worthwhile.

Have a look through this Guide to Volunteer and Staff Recognition  – how to plan for it, what to consider and some ideas you may not have thought of.