Updates and Reminders – Central Region

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Sports Hawkes Bay Coaching Workshops
For more information or to register please contact Tim Motu.

Wellington Community Trust Newsletter
Have a read of their latest newsletter.

Wellington Gymnastics Team Funding
Unfortunately both funding applications placed in May/June by local Clubs for Nationals have been declined. One funding application has been re–submitted but please be aware that if unsuccessful then parents will be funding 100% of the cost. It would be advisable for Clubs to encouraging their athletes to think about fundraising.

Wellington Managers
Trampoline: Jacky Bruce from Porirua GymSports has kindly taken on the position of Wellington Trampoline Manager, Jacky has a wealth of knowledge from her past experience as a women’s artistic manager, Jacky is looking forward to managing a much smaller trampoline team to Christchurch in October. Thank you Jacky in advance for you time.
Women’s Artistic: Mala Strickland (Hutt Valley GymSports) and Jane Jennings (Twisters Tawa Gymnastic Club) have recently been appointed as the 2017 Wellington Women’s Artistic National Managers. Both ladies have gained a great deal of knowledge in regards to Nationals from being chaperones for the team. Mala and Jane look forward to working with each other and the athletes, parents, chaperones and coaches who are soon to be selected. Thank you Mala and Jane in advance for your time.

Wellington Code Coaches – Applications Open
If you are interested in applying to be a Wellington Gymnastics coach for the upcoming 2017 Gymnastics Championships please complete this online form by 5pm 10 August.

XTND Year 2 Students
There has been a change in code module. The trampoline module originally planned for 29 October has now been changed to aerobics due to the availability of presenters. This will be held at ASB Recreation center in Kilbirnie, Wellington. Aerobics is a wonderful code that can be seamlessly included in to all codes of gymnastics as a warm-up or maybe your XTND students could help introduce a new programme at your Club. This module is compulsory for all Year 2 Wellington XTND students.

XTND Upcoming Dates

  • Napier Students – Understanding Movement 2 is on 10 September
  • Wellington year 1 Students – Understanding Movement 2 is on 15 October
  • Wellington Year 2 Students – Aerobics is on 29 October

Please make sure to check the deadline and register for the above course through the website.

Making Your GFA Event Stand Out from the Rest
Are you running a GFA competition this year? Did you read Midland e-news story last month about GFA competitions? If not, take the time to read it and find out how to make your GFA competition stand out from the rest.