Supporting and Thanking Volunteers

Anna Robertsone-News, Regional, South Island

Sometimes when we think of thanking volunteers the easy option can be to buy a gift. This thought can be tainted with the Volunteer group putting hands togethercost associated with buying
gifts, or may simply be outside of budget. Sometimes it’s not at all about the gift, but instead making your volunteers’ time an enjoyable one.

Here are some simple tips to do so:

  1. Make sure you learn their name
  2. Say hello or have a conversation when they are not busy/volunteering
  3. Take an interest in them – ask about their family or their interests
  4. Include them in discussions
  5. Take the time to learn something from them
  6. Make sure they know your venue and where facilities are
  7. Offer them a drink or something to eat
  8. Give them a volunteer t-shirt to wear on the day or a name tag
  9. Have your announcer/s acknowledge them and welcome recorders to the floor for the competition round