Our Relationship Managers – who are they and what do they do?

Anna Robertsone-News

As we welcome Anna to her new South Island role, we thought we would share with you all the crucial roles that our relationship managers (RMs) play in the organisation and our gymnastics community.

The RM team is comprised of five regional relationship managers based throughout the country, led by Team Manager Megan Russell.

  • Ty Evans – Auckland and Northland
  • Jacqui McCann – Midlands
  • Megan Russell – Central
  • Anna Duncan – South Island
  • Kathryn Searle – Southland

They provide a direct connection between Gymnastics NZ and our network of affiliated clubs and are central to the delivery of our strategic outcomes, with a particular focus on growth in participation and thriving club communities.

Support to clubs is provided in a range of ways. Across the network, RMs provide support on governance – understanding roles and how to operate effectively as a board or committee; operational matters – assistance with grant planning, policy development, programming, managing concerns or complaints; and coach and judge education and development. They also work with clubs on their regional action plans, support with regional meetings, and regularly connect into the wider Gymnastics NZ team to ensure that club needs are been well met by the different aspects of the organisation.

A significant portion of the RM Team costs are funded by NZCT, enabling us to support our full club network, and so a massive thank you goes out to them.