Ollerup 2017-18

Anna Robertsone-News, International, Regional

Later this year three students head to ‘Ollerup’ in Denmark for the experience of a lifetime – one on a Club scholarship, one on the Gymnastics NZ Scholarship and one 100% self-funded.  Read more about each of these students:

Ollerup is part of an International Academy (INTAC) Gymnastikhojskolen I Ollerup (established in 1920). It is a Danish Academy offering non–formal education with a special focus on Gymnastics. Students attending Ollerup are between 18 and 30 years old (must be 18 by the 1st August) and the length of stay is 9 months. As students, they will eat, study, and sleep at Ollerup spending most of their time at the school. To get a better understanding of what Ollerup is really like check out this video – see if you can spot past Wellington recipient Wei Jun Lee just past the four-minute mark.

In order to help develop future leaders within the gymnastics community, Gymnastics New Zealand offers one part paid Ollerup scholarship each year. This covers the recipient’s tuition fees, food, and accommodation. This is not the full cost of the scholarship and the recipient needs to cover the remaining costs. Applications for this scholarship open in August and close in October 2017 ensuring that the successful applicant has time to raise the funds they need and giving them time to apply for university or find work.

Students heading off to Ollerup have to choose their own ‘line’ of study. Popular choices for previous New Zealand students include:


For more information on the Gymnastics NZ Ollerup Scholarship please contact Megan Russell.