Midlands Coach and Judge Education 2017

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Coach and Judge Education 2017 – The Planning Starts Now…
With Term 3 now well underway, 2017 planning should be well in your thoughts. Although it can be hard to focus on next year with so much currently going on and plenty yet to come this year, it’s really important to start thinking ahead and putting plans in place. Time waits for no one and it will be 2017 before we know it.gymnastics coaching

Education is going to need to be a crucial area of focus for 2017. Partially because it’s the start of a new judging cycle so all judges will need to re-qualify. And partially because clubs need to ensure that their coaches are trained to the level they are coaching at, in order to comply with the new health and safety legislation.

In the Midlands, GymSports NZ is looking at where we can apply for regional funding to help support clubs with education costs. With the majority of courses taking place in the first four to five months of the year, it is essential to start planning club education needs well in advance. So that funding applications are submitted on time, there are a few steps that need to take place:

  1. Clubs must be thinking about their coach and judge requirements for next year…
  • What coaches/judges do you need to be able to deliver programmes?
  • Remember that judges all need to upskill in 2017
  • What upskilling needs to happen to develop existing coaches/judges?
  • What recruitment needs to happen to fill gaps and enable growth?

This can be challenging as you won’t always know what coaches you will have next year, however it still needs to be thought about and having a clear picture of where you are at (baseline) and where you need to be next year will help.

Each club needs to work with their Relationship Manager to complete a Coach and Judge Education Plan – we will be in touch soon with details on what this involves.

2.  Based on Education Plans, each club will need to feed into a Regional Education Plan.

  • This will form the basis of regional funding applications that we will be submitting to obtain support for education costs.
  • Clubs who do not feed into the Regional Education Plan will not be eligible for funding.
  • After feeding into the Regional Plan, clubs will also be in a good position to apply for additional club funding.

Regional Education Plans will be put together by the end of October.

3.  Any funding received will be divided out amoung the clubs who have fed into the Plans.

If you have any questions about this or any other aspects of education, please contact Belinda.