2023 Meritorious Award – Misha Koudinov

Anna Robertsone-News

Congratulations to Mikhail (Misha) Koudinov who was awarded a meritorious award at the annual general meeting on Wednesday 14 June, for his many services to Gymnastics NZ as outlined in the citation below.

For eighteen years Misha has represented Gymnastics NZ internationally at the highest level and has provided memorable moments above and beyond the competition results sheets. In the FIG Men’s Artistic (MAG) Code of Points he has a G Value skill awarded as the “Koudinov”.

In summary he has represented New Zealand at five Commonwealth Games, an unknown number of Pacific Alliance/Rim Events, and 13 world championships. In a unique situation in several of these high
international events he has also been the personal coach of several of his teammates. Misha is the first men’s artistic gymnast to compete at two Olympic Games (Rio and Tokyo). He has also represented
New Zealand at the Oceania Championships and is the all around champion in both 2022 and 2023.

However, this award is not just about his service as a gymnast. His leadership was developed during his full-ride scholarship to Ohio State University, USA, and his skills have been applied to coaching, guidance, and leadership of the NZ Men’s Artistic Team. Misha has been the lead coach of the international team for six years.

His additional titles are NZL Team Captain, coach of the Gymnastics NZ MAG 360 program, a graduate of the FIG Coaching Academy (since 2019), provider of an athlete voice on MAG team conditions and projects, and contributed to team culture, leadership, and wellbeing.

His service to our sport includes his work as a course presenter for Gymnastics NZ and coach at the Gymnastics NZ Coach Connect Conference (new branding of Gym School), a keynote speaker, and a positive role model.

In May of this year, both Gymnastics NZ and Misha were personally honoured with a “large” world-wide circulated article in the International Gymnast online publication. Three full pages of accolades, highlighted with the headline “New Zealand’s Misha Koudinov at almost 32: There are still frontiers I want to explore”.