Covid-19 Updates

Anna RobertsonCovid-19

These updates have been sent directly to Gymnastics NZ member clubs. For further information, please see your club directly.

23 March 2022 – Sport NZ sector update

The Government has announced changes to the COVID-19 Protection Framework and vaccine mandates. Please see this Sport NZ update.

We will share further information as soon as it becomes available.

11 March 2022 – Sport NZ sector update

Please see this latest update from Sport NZ.

4 February 2022 – Sport NZ sector update

The latest COVID-19 update from Sport NZ is now available.

While the majority of the content focuses on border re-opening, there are a couple of other key items of note:

10 December – Sport NZ sector update

We hope that your first week operating under the traffic light system has gone relatively smoothly and patience has been shown whilst you all adapt.

Here is the latest COVID-19 update from Sport NZ including two FAQ sessions next week which may be helpful. Also linked are several new resources including one specifically focused on events.

If you need any support please do not hesitate to contact your relationship manager.

3 December – new traffic light system

We hope that today has run as smoothly as possible under the new traffic light system, and a special nod to all our Auckland clubs who are now able to return to delivering gymnastics inside their facilities at last – we hope you enjoy seeing all those happy faces back in your clubs! 

The Sport NZ Update that went out on Wednesday has the most up-to-date information and we encourage you to read it including the FAQ’s which are very helpful and are being continually added to.

Preparing to respond to a COVID outbreak in your community

As we can see through the news updates, COVID-19 is starting to make its way around the country and the likelihood of cases in your community and amongst your members is increasing all the time. It is important that you take some time to review your COVID-19 risk assessment and ensure that you are clear on how you would handle: 

  • Notification from the Ministry of Health or a member that a COVID-19 positive case has been in your facility
  • Communicating with members about any actions you may need to take relating to positive cases

For information on what to do if a confirmed COVID-19 case has visited your club see Ministry of Health information and also information on determining if people are close contacts or secondary contacts

If you have any questions or need support with this, please do not hesitate to reach out to your relationship manager.

3 December – Gymnastics New Zealand Board Statement of Position

At its most recent meeting, the Board of Gymnastics New Zealand determined its position regarding advice to the gymnastics community in relation to the COVID-19 Protection Framework. Specifically, the decision on whether to check vaccine passes as a requirement of entry under the traffic light system. It is the Board’s strong recommendation that affiliated gymnastic clubs should align with the information provided by the Ministry of Health and sport-specific guidance presented by Sport NZ. Namely, that presentation and verification of a vaccination pass as a condition of entry, for those eligible to receive the pass, presents the best opportunity to protect our members and other participants (most of whom are under the age of 12), alongside other vulnerable groups within our community. The Board recommends clubs conduct a thorough risk assessment process under the traffic light framework to determine your club’s final operating position regarding the requirement for vaccine passes, and how this might be implemented.

1 December – preparation for traffic light system to start Friday 3 December

Please see the latest Covid-19 sector update from Sport NZ. It contains their full guidance for sport operating under the Covid Protection Framework which comes into effect tomorrow, Friday 3 December.

We are forwarding this immediately so that you have the most up-to-date information and will share any specific highlights if needed tomorrow once we have had an opportunity to review it in detail.

Also below are links to two Sport NZ Guidance Drop-in sessions taking place tomorrow and Friday which you are welcome to attend.

Previous GNZ Covid-19 updates can be found on this page and on Club Portal and contain information on the process for determining your approach under the new framework.

If you have any questions or need support clubs can contact either your relationship manager or

Thank you for your continued hard work during this difficult transition period.

30 November – preparation for traffic light system to start Friday 3 December

Good afternoon everyone,

With the Covid Protection Framework (traffic light system) coming into effect this Friday I know you are all flat out working to ensure that you have everything you need in place to be operating within the new requirements. 

Sport NZ had hoped to have their more detailed guidance published by now, however, they are waiting on the Covid Protection Framework Order to be published before they can finalise and release this – hopefully, today. This information will help answer some of the many questions that we have coming through.

In the meantime the key pieces of information are: 

  • Traffic light system comes in to place on Friday and regions have been classified as either red or orange – check HERE if you are not sure where you are classified 
  • Different requirements/restrictions apply depending on whether you are using Covid Vaccination Certificates (CVC’s) or not – these are detailed on Sport NZ’s website. In this framework, gymnastics clubs are classed as ‘Organised community sport and rec’

Note – Covid vaccination certificates are also referred to as My Vaccine Pass (MVP) 

  • There is a process that clubs should be following to determine whether they are requiring CVC’s – this has been outlined in previous communications. If you have not had time to work through this process by Friday 3 Dec, you should work within the requirements for organisations operating without CVC’s until you have this finalised. Earlier comms on this are below:
  • For clubs requiring CVC’s, these apply to everyone aged 12 years 3 months and over (12-year-olds have 3 months to obtain their certificate) 
  • If you are not requiring CVC’s, the max number you can have in your facility includes all participants, not just those 12+. This max number excludes workers. 
  • For organisations using CVC’s, employees and volunteers can continue to work if they have had their first vaccination by 2 December and second by 17 January 2022. This differs from the general public who will need to be double vaccinated to enter facilities using CVC’s from 3 December. 
  • For school groups coming into your facility (for clubs requiring CVC’s) and provided the classes are related to school/education such as NCEA or part of P.E., then they do not need to show their CVC as this is a part of their schooling. However, if they are coming to classes in their own time, as a club member or casual participant, they would need to have a CVC. 
  • There is a template letter for communicating your decision to your members available in Club Portal – this should be adapted to suit your club’s situation 
  • Friendly Manager will be communicating with clubs tonight to confirm that the capability for members to scan their vaccine passport via phone, webcam, or file upload will be available as soon as possible – they are working as fast as they can to have this in place. 

I want to acknowledge how challenging this is for everyone and to thank you all for your patience as we continue to seek answers to the many questions out there. We will share the detailed Sport NZ guidance as soon as this is made available and encourage you to connect with your Relationship Manager if you need support.

26 November – Auckland level 3 step 2, rest of NZ level 2

Please see this latest update from Sport NZ with a high-level view of the Covid Protection Framework (traffic light system) as it relates to sport.

Detailed sector guidance will come out this week and Sport NZ will be providing opportunities to connect and hear more information on specific examples and scenarios. We will continue to share any information as soon as it is available and will let you know when the engagement opportunities will be once confirmed.

3 November – Waikato level 3 step 2, Auckland proposed level 3 step 2 from 11.59 pm Tuesday 9 November

Alert Level 3 Stage 2

Please see this latest Sport NZ update relating specifically to the move to alert level 3 stage 2.

Sport NZ have said that they are seeking further clarity around sharing of equipment and whether there are mitigations that can allow further scope with this and I’ll share this if anything further comes through.

The move to alert level 3 stage 2 gives slightly increased scope for numbers for those who are delivering outside at present. If anyone is not doing so but is considering it and would like some support please let us know and we can connect you with clubs who are up and running.

Covid Protection Framework

After sitting in on the Aktive sector update this afternoon, the key message is that we are still operating in the grey area of waiting while the legislation and policies to support the Covid Protection Framework (traffic-light system) is being developed. Sport NZ now have a staff member based in the Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet (DPMC) to help ensure that considerations for sport happen in the first steps of the process.

2 November – Waikato level 3 step 2 at 11.59 pm Tuesday 2 November, Auckland proposed level 3 step 2 from 11.59 pm Tuesday 9 November

As this is the first time we have moved into a step 2 setting, Sport NZ is connecting with the Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet (DPMC) to clarify the changes for sport and recreation, covering the expansion to gatherings sizes and what this means for public facilities.

Sport NZ aims to advise as soon as possible once the changes to the alert level order are confirmed. We will share these as soon as we have them.

29 October – Auckland and Waikato level 3, rest of NZ level 2

As Covid uncertainty continues and new challenges continue to crop up we wanted to acknowledge the extremely hard work that is going on around the country to manage the impacts of Covid-19 in different ways. The resilience being shown by Auckland and Waikato clubs who continue to be locked down is quite amazing and the creativity that we have seen from clubs finding new ways to operate in outdoor spaces and continuing to connect online surpasses what anyone would have imagined in a pre-Covid world.

We do however recognise that it is hard, really really hard and the ongoing levels of stress take their toll. Relationship managers are available for anyone needing to talk through challenges and we encourage you to reach out for a chat. We also have an opportunity next week for Auckland and Waikato competitive coaches to connect and discuss the challenges of missing the preparation phase of the season and potential mitigations – more information about this will come out directly.

Please see this latest update from Sport NZ. As you will see, they are continuing to work with the Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet (DPMC) to gain more clarity around the impacts of the traffic light system when this comes into play and also vaccinations and will share more as soon as they are able.

Take care and keep up the amazing work connecting and supporting each other.

9 September – level 2 update for rest of NZ (Auckland in level 4)

See the latest update from Sport NZ with their updated information for Play, Active Recreation, and Sport at alert level 2. This information has not long been released so, though there are some key points highlighted in the update, both ourselves and clubs will need some time to digest it in full.

We are holding a zoom session with clubs tomorrow morning (link will be sent via helpdesk), to talk through these new guidelines. Clubs will share further information with members once they can confirm level 2 operations for their premises.

8 September – Auckland level 4, rest of NZ level 2

From 11.59 pm Tuesday 7 September, everyone outside of the Auckland borders moves to level 2, which means all clubs outside of Auckland are able to open under a revised set of level 2 restrictions. Sport NZ is still waiting on clarity on what these guidelines look like and we will share this information with clubs once we receive it. See also the latest Sport NZ update.

1 September – Auckland and Northland level 4, rest of NZ level 3

From 11.59 pm Tuesday 31 August, everyone south of the Auckland border moves to level 3. Auckland and Northland remain in level 4. Clubs still remain closed until level 2.

More information on these restrictions can be found on the Sport NZ and government websites.

18 August – Full country in level 4 lockdown

From 11.59 pm Tuesday 17 August, the entire country is back in lockdown. This of course means that all gymnastics clubs will be closed. Though unexpected, we have all been here before and now have good processes in place for managing the different alert levels. We are communicating with clubs directly, and resources are available on club portal and through Sport NZ’s guidance on their website.

See also the government covid website.

Information published during Covid-19 alert levels in 2020.