Congratulations from Courtney

Anna RobertsonCompetitive Gymnastics, e-News, South Island

Hi everyone, Courtney here,

I would like to congratulate everyone who has been selected to represent their province at this year’s NZ National Championships! It is a huge honour to be selected, and I know that you will all do your club and province proud. Nationals is the time to show off all the hard work you have put into your gymnastics this season, and don’t forget to enjoy the experience!

I still remember that feeling finding out I had made the Canterbury team for the very first time. My Dad read out the email and I was elated to find out I had been selected to go to the NZ National Championships. It really is a huge accomplishment, and one to be proud of. I hope you all have an amazing time in Nelson.

Good luck to everyone! And a special shout out “Go Canterbury! Show them how it’s done”.