AER 2017 ANAC Team

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We are excited to announce our first New Zealand Aerobics team of the year, who will compete at the Association of National Aerobics Championships (ANAC) in Las Vegas in August.  The team is:

  • Brooke Davies (Howick Gymnastic Club)
  • Hannah Wilton (Aspire Aerobix)
  • Jaimie Le Bas (Aspire Aerobix)
  • Jennifer Groom (Triple A Aerobics)
  • Kate Harvey (Invercargill Gymnastics Club)
  • Kaylee Goodyer (Triple A Aerobics)
  • Laura Furse (Triple A Aerobics)
  • Sarah Spargo (Aspire Aerobix)
  • Taylor McCaughan (Christchurch School of Gymnastics)
  • Catrin Pearce (Bay Aerobics)



  • Coach – Bronte Coluccio (Aspire Aerobix)
  • Team Manager – Zita Davies (Howick Gymnastic Club)
  • Judge – Catherine Thomson (Gymnastica)


Congratulations to all athletes and officials who have been selected.  We wish you all the best in your travels and competitions.