2020 Women’s Artistic Gymnastics National Squad

Anna RobertsonCompetitive Gymnastics, International, Women's artistic gymnastics

We are pleased to announce that the following athletes have been selected to the 2020 WAG National Squad:

  • Maia Fishwick (Tri Star Gymnastics)
  • Isabella Brett (Christchurch School of Gymnastics)
  • Courtney McGregor (Boise State Gymnastics/Christchurch School of Gymnastics)

The Squad term for the 2020 Women’s Artistic Gymnastics National Squad is 1 November 2019 until 31 March 2021.

How is the squad put together?
Athletes will be selected into the 2020 Squad using performance criteria achieved at key events.  The 2020 Squad will be named in November 2019 using 2019 events.  Athletes can also be selected into the Squad during 2020 if they achieve the performance criteria at 2020 events.  These key events are as follows:

NZ Qualifying Events

  • Marlborough Championships – June 2019
  • CSG Classic – July 2019
  • Top of the South Championships – July 2019
  • Mason Gillespie – July 2019 (tbc)*
  • Wellington Opens – July 2019
  • Canterbury Championships – July 2019
  • Midlands Senior – July 2019 (tbc)*
  • Auckland Manukau Championships – July 2019 (tbc)*
  • South Island Championships – August 2019
  • 2019 NZ Gymnastics Championships – October 2019

* These events are yet to be confirmed as key events. This is pending the
confirmation of judging panels containing a minimum of 2 brevet judges and 2 senior advanced judges.

International Events

  • Any FIG World Challenge/Cup event from 1 November 2018 until 31 October 2019
  • 2019 Australian Championships – May 2019
  • 2019 Universiade – July 2019
  • 2019 World Championships – October 2019

Performance Criteria

To be selected, athletes should meet one of the following:

  1. Meet the All Around minimum D score AND AA score; or
  2. Meet the minimum D score (except vault) AND corresponding final score for two or more apparatus.

All Around

  • 17.600 minimum D score
  • 47.000 AA score for Senior international or STEP 10 in 2019
  • 44.000 AA score for Junior international or STEP 10 under 16 in 2019

Apparatus (athletes must qualify on a minimum of two apparatus)

  • Vault – 13.300 average of two vaults (there is no D score for vault)
  • Uneven bars – 4.0 (all CRs) D score and 12.200 final score
  • Beam – 4.5 (all CRs) D score and 11.700 final score
  • Floor – 4.5 (all CRs) D score and 12.200 final score


  1. STEP 10 gymnasts will have their competition D scores recalculated based on FIG rules.
  2. These values will be reviewed in 2020 and are likely to be increased to keep in line with the top 50% scores from World Cups and World Championship events.

Does this mean athletes automatically make the team?
No. Being part of the squad means you are a targeted athlete, but depending on the competition, there may be other criteria to be met before a team is announced.

So what does part of the Squad mean?
It means that you are a targeted athlete and are eligible for selection to international events.  As part of the national squad, you will be invited to attend training sessions/camps with other squad athletes and coaches, as well as lectures and other learning opportunities for both athletes and their coaches.  Performance and attitude at these sessions/camps will be taken into consideration when nominating and selecting for competitions.

See also the full 2020 WAG National Squad Selection policy.