Education Update – August 2019

Anna RobertsonClubland Newsletter

Coaching Advisor Get Together
At the end of June the Coaching Advisors from each of the code technical committees, along with a representative from the Gym for All Sport Development Committee got together. It was a good opportunity to get everyone up-to-date with the current coaching framework and online coaching resources as well as a discussion of projects which the different technical committees are working on.
One area of development is the identification of any gaps currently in the coaching pathway. In particular, Gymnastics New Zealand is keen to develop coaching pathways to better connect Junior and Senior Coach for the sports of aerobics, rhythmic gymnastics and trampoline/tumbling. These ‘advanced’ coaching qualifications will focus on the higher level/age athletes in New Zealand. This will also align with artistic who currently have a Junior Advanced qualification. We will keep you up-to-date with development in this space over the next 15 months working towards the next GymSchool at the beginning of 2021.

XTND Update
Since the last Clubland newsletter, we have rolled out two of the redesigned practical modules of the new XTND programme – XTND Balance It and XTND Bounce It have been run in several regional centres. In 2019 we have 142 coaches enrolled on the new programme, with lots of positive feedback from both participants and presenters.
We have recently distributed the XTND Mentoring guide which leads mentors step-by-step through the new programme. The 2019 XTND Mentor Guide was sent directly via email to all named mentors of coaches who have enrolled into the new programme in 2019. The guide is also available on Club Portal under the education resources.
As the previous XNTD program is coming to an end it is imperative for coaches who commenced XTND in 2018 or earlier to take all opportunities to attend the year 2 sports modules. This will enable these Coaches to complete their required modules. If you are unsure of what your XNTD coaches need to attend please contact your Relationship Manager.
Check out the most recent course dates for XTND on the Education calendar and Club Portal.

Education Calendar 2019-2020
While many education courses have already been held in 2019, please ensure you keep up-to-date with the current courses we have planned for the remainder of the year. It’s a busy time with school festivals and recreation events and new events are being added to the calendar all the time.
As the 2020 events calendar is finalised, we will be planning the education calendar for 2020. We are also open to adding more courses before the end of the year if required.
To keep up to date with current course dates, please visit the Education calendar and Club Portal.
Once dates are confirmed, the course will appear for registration in Club Portal.