Message from Tony

Anna RobertsonCEO / Board Updates

As we embark on the competition season for 2021, I just wanted to take a moment to look back on the past year.  A year that caused stress, anxiety and nervousness across NZ, and of course it was a tough year for our gymnastics community. As you contemplate the role you will play in the coming season, I would ask you to be mindful of this in your dealings with each other, and in particular our young athletes. The term conveyed to me by one of our members that I think you should consider is pastoral care. In essence, this is the provision of emotional, social and spiritual support to others and those in need. Our connection to Sports Chaplaincy has shown us that this need not be reactive, it can be proactive in the approach you take in your interactions with others. It is more than ‘being kind’, it is a conscious effort to behave in a way that supports and nourishes those around you. As our athletes enter competition for the first time in a long time, please be mindful of your obligation to their pastoral care and let this guide you in creating a positive experience and environment.

Tony Compier
Chief Executive Officer