2017 AGM – New Name Voted In

Anna RobertsonCEO / Board Updates, Member Updates

The most significant motion to be addressed by clubs gathered at the AGM was that regarding the change of name from Gymsports NZ to Gymnastics NZ. The motion was; ‘That the name of Gymsports New Zealand be changed forthwith to, Gymnastics New Zealand.’ Upon the late receipt of legal advice, the meeting voted to accept an amendment to the original motion. This being that in voting for a change of name to Gymnastics New Zealand, this would not also involve a change to the legal name of the entity. For the avoidance of doubt, the legal entity will continue to be GymSports New Zealand Incorporated, trading as Gymnastics New Zealand. This motion was passed by an absolute majority with votes being 4-to-1 in favour of the change.

Subsequent to this vote, a new logo was launched for Gymnastics New Zealand and has been met with wide-spread approval. Social media has been a strong medium of feedback with comments such as: ‘If that’s the new logo? LOVE IT!……Refreshing………Nice, fresh, modern……Love the new logo!’ These are very positive comments upon which to move forward with a new name and new branding to match. Those challenging the name change, questioned the ability to differentiate between a traditional view of the term gymnastics and reconciling this with the vitality and difference in the codes that make up the sport. Whilst we are now in-line with accepted global terminology regarding gymnastic sports, we must be ever vigilant in ensuring that the wider group of participants we wish to engage in our sport, understand the variety and options that exist within the associated codes. This was well illustrated last week when our international governing body, the Federation de international Gymnastique, announced a ‘road-map / decision making process for the development of a Parkour-inspired Obstacle Course Competition as part of a new FIG discipline.’ It is the current way of the world, let alone the future, that we must improve on spotlighting all of our codes / disciplines, as viable and attractive forms of gymnastic activity.