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XTND Youth Leadership Programme

XTND is Gymnastics New Zealand’s youth coaching and leadership programme. As the entry point of the coaching qualification pathway, XTND coaches will gain the qualification XTND Coach.  Coaches must be in a minimum of year nine (9) at school to enter the programme.

The XTND Youth Leadership programme consists of six modules, one online and five practical modules.

The online module (XTND Start It) is completed first and is expected to take around two hours to complete. Having a self-paced online module first allows some concepts to be introduced which are then expanded and applied in the practical modules.

The other modules can be done in any order when courses are available.

Each practical module will be around four hours in duration and are based upon the fundamental movement patterns which are the building blocks of all gymnastic skills. Information will be interlaced with leadership activities to develop:

  • strategies for working with children
  • time and group management
  • different coaching strategies
  • analysing and teaching gymnastic skills
  • a tool kit of games
  • communication
  • safe teaching practices

Resources for practical modules will be available online.

After successful completion of all modules, along with submission of mentoring sheets through the Gymnastics NZ online education platform, participants will be accredited with the XTND Coach qualification. The next step after completing XTND is Elementary Coach.

The expected duration of programme is 18 months to two years.

XTND Youth Leadership Advertising Brochure

XTND Youth Leadership A3 Club Poster 


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