The independent Steering Committee Appointments Panel has developed a draft set of competencies (skills, experience, and behaviours) that it believes the Gymnastic New Zealand Steering Committee needs to operate well and is seeking your input on these competencies and to find out if you have anything to add. They are also interested to hear what you think about the terms of reference for the Steering Committee.

These documents are open for feedback until midnight Thursday 23 September.

The Steering Committee Appointments Panel hosted three hui on Wednesday 8 and Saturday 11 September, where there was some great engagement and helpful feedback. From the feedback received, some key themes have emerged that the appointments panel would like to explore further with athletes and those who identify as survivors. If you are a former or current athlete, 16 years or older, we would appreciate your time to see how you can share your thoughts – there are several ways to do so.

See also some frequently asked questions.


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