XTND Youth Leadership in the Central Region

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Based on the numbers of young people enrolled on the XTND Youth Leadership Programme in the Central region, the future of gymsports in the region is in good hands.

Wellington, in particular, have excellent numbers of students in year 1, 2 and 3, Whanganui has consistently supported the programme and benefited from skilled young leaders as a result, and with the Hawkes Bay cluster up and running this year, coverage across the region looks great…

Hawkes Bay 2017 intake – Year 1 – 11 students

Wellington 2017 intake – Year 1 – 16 students
Wellington 2016 intake – Year 2 – 20 students
Wellington 2015 intake – Year 2 – 1 student

Whanganui 2017 intake – Year 1– 4 Students
Whanganui 2016 intake – Year 2 – 2 Students
Whanganui 2015 intake – Year 3 – 3 students

As part of the XTND Youth Leadership Programme students are required to be mentored in their club. As part of this process, the Mentor needs to complete a mentoring sheet each year for each student. If you need a copy of these sheets you can download them here.