Work Finally Underway In Waitara

Anna Robertsone-News, Midlands, Regional

The beginnings of a pit.

On 12 December, after a blessing by local Iwi, work finally began on the Clifton Park Sports and Community Hub in Waitara. This facility will be the culmination of 10 years of hard work which started with Waitara Gymsport’s need for a new facility.  The result will not only be a top class gymnastics facility but also a home for a wide range of other sports.

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Foundations of a new facility.

Waitara Gymsports facility journey shows that the road to a new facility is often a long one requiring a huge amount of commitment, dedication and belief. However, it also shows that perseverance pays off and we are excited to see the new facility get up and running.  Despite the summer holidays and some fairly dubious weather, great progress has already been made with foundations for the pit already in place and walls soon to go up.