Updates and Reminders – Central Region

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Volunteering NZ – New tool

Volunteering NZ has recently launched an easy to use online tool called: http://www.involveme.nz. This tool is free and provides a great report on how your club is doing with volunteer management. It only takes 5-10 minutes and along with the report it and provides a long list of great resources for your club on completion. Take a break and do it now.

XTND Update
Year 2 Students
Please note that there has been a change in a code module. The Trampoline module originally planned for 29 October has now been changed to Aerobics due to the availability of presenters. This will be held at ASB Recreation Center in Kilbirnie, Wellington. Aerobics is a wonderful code that can be seamlessly included in all codes of gymnastics as a warm-up or maybe your XTND students could help introduce a new programme at your Club. This module is compulsory for all Year 2 Wellington XTND students.

XTND Upcoming Dates

  • 10 September – Napier Students – Understanding Movement 2
  • 15 October – Wellington Year 1 Students – Understanding Movement 2
  • 29 October – Wellington Year 2 Students – Aerobics

Please make sure to check the deadline and register for the above courses on the website.