Taranaki/Wanganui XTND Cluster

Anna Robertsone-News, Midlands, Regional

The year has started well with several XTND modules already completed and Year 1’s almost completed their requirements already.

Modules for the remainder of the year are:

Year 1 

  • Movement Observation – Sunday 11 September, New Plymouth

Year 2 (and 3)

  • XTND Display – Sunday 29 October, Wanganui
  • XTND Trampoline – Sunday 13 November, Wanganui
  • First Aid – through Club, School or privately  (First Aid course covering unit standards 6401 and 6402 or 26551 and 26552; Basic First Aid and Life Support)
  • Year 2 Mentoring sheets – with club mentor.  To be submitted upon completion of year 2

Note: Year 2 coaches need to keep an eye out on any modules they have missed from the Year 1 programme and catch these up.  If you’re not sure please contact Belinda.  All XTND students are welcome to attend modules for missed courses in other regions also.


XTND Coach Mentoring Sheets
A reminder to clubs that when each coach was enrolled in the XTND Programme the club appointed them a mentor.  The back of the Year 1 booklet (appendices) outlines the mentoring process – it is a requirement for this to be submitted at the end of Year 2 in order to graduate the XTND programme (2 years).  It is ideal that XTND coaches and mentors meet several times a year to work through these sheets and requirements.

Year 3 XTND
Year 3’s need to attend any of the code modules that they did not complete in year two. On completion Year 3’s should have attended a total of 12 modules. Please feel free to contact Belinda to discuss what your year 3’s have left to complete.
XTNDXTND Graduating
Upon completion of 8 modules for Year 2 or 12 modules for Year 3, please send the mentoring information and participant record to Belinda to process. It is a great idea to have a formal presentation for any graduating XTND coaches at the club end of year prize giving.

Once XTND coaches graduate and are ready for more coach education they are able to move straight onto an Elementary coaching course.
If you are unsure of what your XTND coaches have left to complete please contact Belinda.