South Island Judges Trump 2017 Exams

Anna Robertsone-News, Education, South Island

Judges play a vital role in all competitions (both competitive and recreational) and without them the events simply couldn’t run. All our judges are volunteers who devote a lot of their own time and money into gaining and maintaining their qualifications.

As a community, we are very lucky to have so many new and devoted judges striving for such excellence and we would like to say a big congratulations to the following judges who have either just started their judging career, revalidated existing qualifications or stepped up to the next level.

Senior Judges
Anita Leaney (Christchurch School of Gymnastics)

Junior Judges
Adrienne Bruce (South Canterbury GymSports)
Sally Hart (South Canterbury GymSports)
Melissa Wakeham (Olympia Gymnastic Sports)
Angharad Wintle (Olympia Gymnastic Sports)
Rebecca McLaughlin (Olympia Gymnastic Sports)
Amelia Coleman (Olympia Gymnastic Sports)
Brie Gullery (Olympia Gymnastic Sports)
Minette Prinsloo (Olympia Gymnastic Sports)
Catherine Hooker (Delta Rhythmic)
Delwyn Ralston (Delta Rhythmic)
Sarah Hooker (Delta Rhythmic)

Elementary Judges
Mitchell Ellis (Christchurch School of Gymnastics)
Heather Bowers (Blenheim Gymnastic Club)
Stephanie Lester (Olympia Gymnastic Sports)
Ruby Lim (Olympia Gymnastic Sports)
Connie Xiaolu Zeng (Olympia Gymnastic Sports)
Stella Lee (Olympia Gymnastic Sports)
Emily O’Connor (Olympia Gymnastic Sports)
Natalia Meyn (Olympia Gymnastic Sports)
Helen Field (Delta Rhythmic)
Abby Field (Delta Rhythmic)
Cassidy Sykes (Delta Rhythmic)
Catherine Pell (Aspiring GymSports)
Fiona Aitken (Aspiring GymSports)
Mike Penney (Aspiring GymSports)
Nikki Dougherty (Aspiring GymSports)
Sophie Stalker (Aspiring GymSports)
Turid Heiler (Aspiring GymSports)
Catherine Smith (Dunedin Gymnastics Academy)
Paul Buchanan (Dunedin Gymnastics Academy)
Veronique Manti (Dunedin Gymnastics Academy)
Emily Feit (Invercargill Gymnastics)
Kathryn McCorkindale (Invercargill Gymnastics)